Creating Your Listing

Create a Sactown Dentists Listing today to increase your dental practice's visibility. This tutorial will demonstrate how simple it is to get started.


However, the Sactown Dentists directory has hundreds of active listings, so it is a good idea to search and claim your listing first.


Sactown Dentists Listing


Register for a Sactown Dentists account or log in to your existing account. Once logged in, click on "User" and "Dashboard" to enter the backend of the software.


Next, using the left menu column, click "Create Listing."



The next step is determining the best dental marketing plan for your practice. Click "Select" to proceed.



It's now time to personalize your Sactown Dentists listing. Your listing should contain as many components as possible to help patients get to know you better and how to reach you.


Geo-Location Details


Digital listings should always contain geo-location details. Not only can people find your practice with this information, but Google can also prioritize your practice within their "nearby" search results.


You can choose one of these two processes to add your geo-location details. Type your address in the search bar at the top of the map. To drop a pin, use the zoom tool to navigate the map and click on your location once displayed.



General Practice Information


Complete each section as you move down the page to create a thorough dental listing.



Dentist Name

Enter your professional name, including any prefixes and credentials.


Dental Practice Name

Enter your legal business name, keeping it uniform across all digital directories (like Google My Business and Yelp). Uniformity strengthens your brand. Want to see how uniform your practice looks online? Use our free scanner to find out.



Regardless if you have a business logo or just a headshot, include it on your Sactown Dentists listing. Click on the "Upload Logo" button to attach your image.



Enter your physical office address, but don't stop there. Sactown Dentists provides two additional fields (cross street or neighborhood) that can assist people in locating your office. For the city field, select your city from the autofill dropdown after trying the first letter or two.


Phone Numbers

You can ensure that patients are able to reach you by entering your office number and WhatsApp numbers.


Descriptions, Website, Social Media



Short Description and Description

The short description section is perfect for a short synopsis of your practice. Whereas the description section is perfect for going into detail about your practice and its principles. This section is crucial in giving potential patients the resources they need to understand if your practice is a good match.



Including the email address of your practice in your Sactown Dentists listing provides an alternate contact method.


Website and Social Media

The description section is sufficient in providing a good overall sense of your practice but don't forget how powerful your website and social media profiles can be. Enter these URL links, using the HTTP:// or HTTPS:// prefix.


Dental Specialization

Choose your dominant area of dentistry from the dropdown.



Your open hours are deciding factor for some patients. Include both business hours and business days.


Additional Information



State and License Number

Include your license number and the issuing state. This information may be helpful to patients who want to verify your practicing status.


Additional Information

Patients who are looking for specific standards will appreciate this section because it allows them to make an informed decision.


Enhanced Media


Flaunt your dental practice by uploading photos and videos to your Sactown Dentists listing.




Click the "Browse" button to search for and upload photos that best reflect your dental practice.



Do you have marketing videos uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo? Then, include them in your Sactown Dentists listing. Paste the streaming links and click "+" to attach them.



After you have completed your Sactown Dentists listing, click "Submit."


How Does Your Sactown Dentists Listing Look?


Click on "Listings" from your Sactown Dentists dashboard to view your completed listing. You can also use this review to ensure there are no clerical mistakes in your listing.



Need Help With the Clerical Side!


We know you are busy running your dental practice and may not have extra time on your hands for the clerical side of creating a listing. No problem! The Sactown Dentists team is standing by to help. All you need to do is create a Sactown Dentists account and choose your marketing subscription plan. Then, contact us, and we can get busy creating an impactful listing for your practice.